Empowering Businesses with Oracle EPM Cloud: Affordable Solutions for Streamlining Financial Processes in Egypt and KSA

With Oracle EPM cloud, you can gain agility and insights that enable you to outperform the market. These world-class enterprise performance management solutions run in the cloud, making them affordable for organizations of any size. They are designed to enhance forecasting and budget accuracy and streamline accounting processes for closing, consolidating, and reporting financial results.

Empowering Businesses with Oracle EPM Cloud: Affordable Solutions for Streamlining Financial Processes in Egypt and KSA

The Importance of Aligning Business Strategies

Impower your sales and service teams with the best technology

  • At The Cloudors we believe it's crucial to ensure that IT, finance, and business are all aligned in their strategies.

  • Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to answer the question of whether their strategies are aligned or not. This is often due to a lack of understanding of how technology investments can drive the business forward.

  • In many cases, business leaders see technology as a cost to manage, rather than a tool that can help the company achieve its financial goals.

  • At The Cloudors, we recognize the importance of aligning business strategies and can help guide organizations in making informed technology decisions that will enhance their management and strategy ecosystem.

Improving Financial Planning with Oracle EPM Cloud & EPM Systems

Improve understanding of your customer behavior

  • Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management EPM Cloud is one of the most powerful tools in EPM systems, It can help organizations increase the speed and accuracy of their financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting processes.

  • With complete business solutions for financial close processes, operational and resource planning, and forecasting, Oracle EPM Cloud is the most comprehensive and connected EPM solution on the market.

  • At The Cloudors, we offer a secure, customized EPM platform for your EPM applications, leveraging our extensive experience in leading EPM Cloud solutions, including the Standard and Enterprise Planning & Budgeting Bundle offerings and Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS).

  • With highly configurable business processes, prebuilt models, and features based on industry best practices, you can align your business strategy with execution, streamline your financial processes, and make better-informed decisions.

Empowering Finance Organizations in Egypt and KSA with Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud Solutions.

  • We can empower your finance organization in Egypt and KSA with cost-effective and easy-to-deploy cloud-based solutions such as Oracle's EPM Cloud.

  • This suite of software modules includes Planning & Budget Cloud Service (PBCS) and Financial Consolidation & Close Cloud (FCCS), which enable companies of any size to drive predictable performance and report with confidence.

  • Our team has a track record of helping organizations improve financial management with Oracle applications

expert guidance in strategic areas

we can provide expert guidance in strategic areas such as:

  • Financial Planning

  • reporting as a services

  • Financial Close & Consolidation Strategy

  • The Cloudors, along with Icloudready Idataworkers gives you everything you need to launch your state of art corporate performance and reporting system

Unlocking Business Success

Unlocking Business Success with Industry-Specific Corporate Performance Management in Egypt and KSA.

  • We offer customized corporate performance management solutions that cater to the specific needs of your industry.

  • Our services utilize Oracle Cloud Reporting and EPM solutions integrated with an Icloud-ready actionable insights suite, enabling us to provide you with a comprehensive end-to-end solution that delivers executive insights and drives corporate performance.

    • Planning and Budgeting

      provides a comprehensive set of tools for planning and budgeting, including top-down, bottom-up, and collaborative planning.

    • Forecasting

      provides a number of forecasting methods, including statistical forecasting, judgmental forecasting, and scenario forecasting.

    • Reporting

      provides a wide range of reporting capabilities, including financial reporting, operational reporting, and management reporting.

    • Collaboration

      provides a number of tools for collaboration and communication, including discussion groups, task management.

    • Compliance

      provides a number of features and functionality that can help organizations comply with complex financial regulations.

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