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Choose from our pre-built business flows customized for various industries, including:

Experience a swift deployment process, ensuring you go live in record time with solutions that perfectly align with your industry requirements.

Decomplex value of your Oracle investment

  • Analytics & Business Intelligence

    Driving better decisions through insight and understanding.

  • Oracle SaaS Implementations

    Supporting people and systems to deliver successful enterprise software transformation projects.

  • Oracle Managed Services

    Support, maintain and enhance your Oracle applications and technology and many more...

  • Strategic Consulting

    Achieve the quality outcomes you’re looking for from your Oracle initiative

  • On-Premise to Cloud Migration

    Maximize the performance, resilience and commercials of the Oracle infrastructure you rely on

  • Healthcheck & Assessments

    Ensure you are getting the best value from your Oracle investment.

"The Cloudors team has been outstanding in their ability to understand our needs and tailor solutions that are aligned with our strategic goals. They have been proactive in offering innovative solutions and their support throughout the go-live process was commendable. I'm confident that this partnership will help us reach new heights in our business."

Dr. Raeyd Al Dakheel CEO, Mawten Real Estate CompanyDr. Raeyd Al Dakheel CEO, Mawten Real Estate Company

What Sets Us Apart

  • Historical Data Services

    Leverage the power of historical data to drive informed decision-making and gain valuable insights into your business operations.

  • Enterprise-level Integrated Verticals

    Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with enterprise systems, providing a holistic approach to addressing your business needs.

  • Our Bilingual, Certified Team of Specialists

    Our team of architects and specialists are dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions, communicating effectively in both Arabic and English to meet your diverse needs.

  • Managed Unlimited Cloud Services Agreement

    Enjoy peace of mind with our managed unlimited cloud services agreement, ensuring continuous support and resources to meet your evolving needs.

  • End-to-End Industry-Specific Solutions

    Our end-to-end industry-specific solutions are tailored to meet the unique challenges and requirements of your industry, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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