May 18, 2023

Unleashing the Potential of Oracle HCM Cloud for Modern HR Management

Oracle HCM Cloud for Talent Acquisition:

Talent acquisition, being a critical aspect of human capital management, demands efficiency in identifying and hiring top talent. Involving Artificial Intelligence technology in this process can bring about a revolutionary change within Oracle HCM by saving time and effort while increasing the quality of candidate selection.

Oracle HCM Talent Acquisition Incorporating AI

Analyzing candidate profiles:

Oracle Recruitment Job allows recruiters to create event listings and pre-screen questionnaires for specific job requisition positions.

Candidate selection process:

Accurately match job requirements with candidate skills and experience.

Recruiters can send and receive email messages from candidates through Oracle Recruiting.

Ensuring that candidates are evaluated based on their skills and qualifications:

This tool allows the recruiter to make the best choice by collecting feedback from the interviewer.


In the Oracle ORC system, it is possible to have multiple agencies submit candidates for job requisitions within your company.

Job Offer:

The recruiter has the ability to upload the job offer, which will then be presented to the candidate for their consideration. The candidate has the option to either reject or approve the offer.

Move to HR:

After the completion of their tasks, the recruiter will transfer the candidate to the HR department, which will subsequently commence the onboarding process to facilitate the transition of the candidate from a pending worker to an employee within the system.

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